Retracing old footsteps

Researching my family history is one of the main reasons I’m spending 3+ months in Britain next year. In fact when I plotted all of these locations on a map I noticed it was very LEJOG-friendly and so the idea was born. I don’t intend to walk to each destination and in fact I may not visit some of them at all. But if I’m in the vicinity I may take a rest day and use public transport to check them out.

I realize this may not be of interest to most LEJOGers (unless you are also an amateur genealogist) but family members will be dropping by my blog from time to time. Below is a list of locations followed by the surnames I am researching.

London (East & Northeast) – Clifford, Lewis, Layne, Dobson, Ackland, Bond

Southampton – Harris, Acton, Cunningham

Plymouth – Shaw

Cullompton – Lewis

Gloucester – Clifford

Cheltenham – Clifford

Chester – Clifford

Liverpool – Ward

Ashton-under-Lyne – Marsh

Accrington – Marsh

Sutton-in-Craven – Marsh

Edinburgh – Cunningham

Corriemony – Grant

Inverness – Grant

Orkneys – Reid


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