Ecco Track II

I’ve put together the first draft of my gear list and posted it on my Gear page. When it comes to footwear I’ve already made my decision to stick with an old favourite, a pair of Ecco Track II hiking shoes.

I bought my first pair in 1995 and have been wearing them ever since. I usually get two years from a pair and I’m happy with that considering these are the shoes I wear all the time, even to work. At C$200-$225 a pair (£110-125) they aren’t cheap but for me they are a good investment (and my feet are in better shape than my mutual funds).  Ecco also carries a boot which I have owned but the shoes are more versatile and have served me well on all my walks in Britain (and Nepal, Peru, etc.).

My plan is to purchase two pairs, bring both to London with me and then ship one pair to a Post Office about halfway along my walk.  I’ve purchased one new pair already and plan to put 100 miles on it before I leave.  Here’s some information I received from the Royal Mail which other non-resident LEJOGer’s might find useful:

If you’re travelling in the UK, you can collect mail addressed to you at any Post Office free of charge. The person sending you mail simply needs to address it as POSTE RESTANTE mail. You can only use the Poste Restante service for up to three months in any one UK town.

Mail for UK destinations needs to show the full and correct name of the addressee and ‘POSTE RESTANTE’ or ‘TO BE CALLED FOR’, followed by ‘POST OFFICE’ and the full address of where it is to be held. If the mail is fully addressed, it will go to that specific Post Office. If it’s only addressed to a town name (eg ‘POSTE RESTANTE, LONDON’), it will go to a
Post Office we choose. Items need to show the name of the addressee, exactly as it appears on their passport.


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