Elk Lake / Beaver Lake walk

I loaded up my new Osprey Exos 46 backpack and headed out for a walk on the Elk/Beaver Lake Trail on Sunday.  The 10-km trail follows the shores of two interconnected lakes and takes just over 90 minutes to complete.  After finishing one lap I met up with my girlfriend and we walked a second lap in the opposite direction.  It was a hot day and so we took full advantage of the opportunity to kick off our shoes and dangle them in the warm waters.

The new pack performed extremely well.  I had it loaded up with just under 8.5 kilos of gear including 2.5 litres of water in my new Platypus Hydration system.  The Platypus hangs inside the Osprey bag behind a panel designed specifically for a 3L reservoir.  The drinking tube feeds through an opening in the bag and conveniently clips to the sternum strap.  The water stayed nice and cool inside the pack and most importantly there were no leaks!

What I like most about my new pack is the “AirSpeed” suspension system which consists of a tensioned mesh backpanel suspended over a light alloy frame.  This allows for increased ventilation and a more comfortable fit.  I also made full use of the hip belt pockets and the two large and easily accessible mesh pockets on either side of the pack.

I plan to repeat this walk several times over the coming months and will likely try for three laps at some point, although I confess it could get a bit monotonous.

2 thoughts on “Elk Lake / Beaver Lake walk

    • Actually Janice and I talked about this hike just last weekend … although up until now we’ve just hiked around the Tod Inlet end. I’ll have to have a closer look at this one. The only advantage Elk Lake has is that I can do this one on the spur of the moment as it’s near a bus route. This weekend I’m doing the 14-mile walk from Saanichton back to Victoria. Thanks for the suggestion!

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