Where’s the Path?

It’s been several weeks since my last blog entry but my planning activities have been low-key of late due to work and a flurry of family history leads.  The latter has been great fun and my list of places to visit continues to grow.  I haven’t managed any significant walks recently but plan to log some more miles this weekend or next.

A fellow LEJOGer-to-be posted a link to a fantastic website on Mark Moxon’s guestbook:


I’ve spent considerable time on this site and have already plotted my course from Land’s End to Cheddar.  I’ve plotted three different routes from Cheddar to the point where I will pick up the Severn Way: 1) along the Limestone Link passing to the east of Bath and then north to Chipping Sodbury and Thornbury; 2) along the Monarch’s Way between Bristol and Bath to Chipping Sodbury and on to Thornbury; 3) along a series of paths to take me west of Bristol via the Clifton suspension bridge.  Route 1 was my original choice but routes 2 and 3 will save some miles and so they are now under serious consideration.  If anyone has walked these routes and has an opinion on which might be better please let me know.


2 thoughts on “Where’s the Path?

  1. I’m glad my link for wheresthepath was useful for you.

    I have just spent 2 hours using it to work out the best way across Exmoor. I then found your site whilst trying to see how others have done it.

    All the best next year.


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