Walking in the rain…

or at least that was the intention. I headed off last Saturday on my 14-mile walk to the Peninsula expecting showers but receiving none. In my pack were two new pieces of rain gear, a Mountain Hardwear Typhoon jacket and a Sea to Summit SN240 pack cover. No doubt I’ll have ample opportunity to try out both in the coming weeks.

The decision to purchase the Typhoon jacket was made solely on comments from walkers and hikers on the internet. The reviews were excellent and it seemed to tick all the boxes: lightweight (439g), waterproof and breathable (Gortex Paclite) and well constructed. I stumbled upon the Sea to Summit pack cover in a local shop. I was immediately impressed by its size (it fits in a bag the size of your fist) and weight (85g for size S). The “small” version fits my Osprey Exos 46 perfectly.

I’ve managed a couple of long walks in the last few weeks and although I haven’t exceeded 14 miles I am noticing my recovery time is much quicker. The first time around I was pretty much done for the evening whereas now I can move around and communicate with other human beings, most recently at a dinner party for 18 where I remained vertical and awake through all 3 courses! I was rather hungry.

I have enjoyed receiving your comments so please keep them coming.

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