Lights, Camera …

It weighs just 36 grams and is so small I have trouble finding it in my shirt pocket. What is it? It’s my new iPod Nano and crammed into this little ultralight package is a video camera, an FM Tuner, a voice memo recorder, an alarm clock, a calendar and enough memory to hold up to 4,000 songs, 14,000 photos or 14 hours of video (or a combination of all three). I admit I’m a gadget junkie but it’s not hard to justify a piece of kit that is so versatile and weighs less than a watch. I decided to spice up my blog with a couple of videos shot on yesterday’s walk. It’s low-budget stuff but I’m hoping you might enjoy a few homegrown LEJOG videos next year.

Saturday’s walk was another 14-mile plod from Victoria to Saanichton. Once again I had outstanding weather and so my rain gear test will have to wait for another day. I decided to look for a new route out of town and ended up walking along a series of very pleasant residential streets that I had never seen before (I’ve only lived here for 35 years). My normal route along a busy and noisy thoroughfare was just 2 blocks away from the quiet and leafy lanes I now found myself on.

Once on the trail I found a quiet spot and shot this short video of my Osprey pack. It was a good opportunity to try out the video camera and find out how difficult it would be to post videos to my blog. I discovered that WordPress charges a fee to use their tool to upload and embed a video however YouTube is free and the linking process is pretty straightforward. If you find the videos are slow to load and/or make the blog difficult to use please let me know.

Osprey Exos 46: The Movie (take 17):

The Lochside Trail passes through several residential areas and semi-rural areas before opening up into proper farm country. The trail backs on to many properties and the owners of some take advantage of the steady stream of walkers, runners and cyclists to sell freshly picked produce from little homemade stands. These stands are often unmanned and so the honour system is in effect, ie. pick out your veg and leave the money in the tin (and don’t steal the tin!). One of my favourite stops is about halfway along where an artist has decorated the back of their property with artwork and background music. Unfortunately the property is in the process of being rezoned and so I suspect this little oasis will soon be replaced with a row of bog-standard luxury townhouses. So here it is, captured for eternity:

A Musical Interlude:

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