Flights are booked!

Preparations took a big step forward yesterday when I booked my flights to England. I’ll arrive the last weekend in March and spend almost a week in London before heading to Penzance. My girlfriend has decided to meet me in London after my walk and so I now have a deadline to meet. I think this may help my planning because I’ve been waffling over alternative routes for what seems months.

At this point it looks like I will have 89 days to get from Lands End to John O’Groats. I’ll have an additional 5 days before and 3 days after the walk in which to continue my family history research in London and Edinburgh. My route (still subject to change) will take 75 days to complete and so I should be able to manage a rest day every week. My average walking distance will be 15-16 miles a day although it will be slightly less for the first ten days. There are a handful of days where I’ll walk less than 10 miles and twice as many where I’ll walk more than 20.

One thing I had wanted to avoid was the Easter weekend but that will no longer be possible. Hopefully I can mitigate the problems associated with the busy holiday weekend with some careful planning. I’m going to travel to Penzance on Saturday rather than Good Friday and book two nights at a B&B well in advance. I’ve checked the holiday bus schedules and it looks as though I can begin my walk on Easter Sunday. The plan is to walk 10 miles to Pendeen, drink a pint of Doom Bar* and then catch a bus back to Penzance. The next morning I’ll catch the bus back to Pendeen and then carry on to St. Ives. It’s a bit of a hassle but likely necessary as it’s highly unlikely a B&B proprietor will rent out a single room for a single night over the Easter weekend.

*quantities may vary


2 thoughts on “Flights are booked!

  1. Wow, this is fantastic, It looks like you are going to be leading the way for me.
    Where are you from? Im from DC and next year 2011, I am doing a LEJOGLE round the coast. Plans are sketchy at the moment, but just as an FYI I walked the coast from LE to Tintagle last year (See my blog) and spent the first night at a camp site in Pendeen, 01736 788417, its a pub with a massive camp site, does an adequate breakfast too, second night at the St Ives Backpackers
    Do you have a link so I can follow you?


  2. Hi Ratdog,

    Thanks for your comments and the link to your blog (6000 miles is amazing!). You should check out the 4MillionSteps website linked to on my Links page. Chris Wilkinson begins his “around the coast” walk in just over a month.

    I’m from Victoria, BC and will be heading over to the UK at the end of March. You can follow my walk on this blog!

    Thanks again,

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