63 Days to go

I feel as though I’m in the home stretch … just over 2 months to go before I leave for England. I’ve decided to post this blog from my HP Netbook so that I can have some practice working with the small screen and keyboard. I’m using Opera for my browser and have downloaded images from my camera using Picasa. So far so good.

I’m busy crossing items off my to-do list and I’m making progress but there is a long way to go. That said I feel more or less prepared and am very much looking forward to getting this show on the road.

I’ve assembled and tested all of my gear, completed my route planning (small adjustments notwithstanding), booked accommodation for the first week and purchased my train ticket from London to Penzance (and for only GBP15 too!).

I still have work to do organizing all of the information I’ve collected related to my family history research and of course there are still some LEJOGistics to work out.

I have a few more long walks planned before the end of March and in fact I wish I was out today as it is beautiful and Spring-like. I’ve been following the weather in England closely so I may annoy some British readers when I mention that the cherry blossoms are out on some of the local trees. I hasten to add that you will be less annoyed than the Winter Olympic organizing committee who will have to explain to the hundreds of thousands of people who will shortly descend on Vancouver as to why there are drifts of daffodils rather than snow. Then again Spring might retreat in time for the games. Either way it’s just around the corner and I can hear the South West Coast Path beckoning!

Looking south towards the Olympic Mountains in Washington State

Looking east towards the Gulf Islands

Mount Douglas from the Lochside Trail


7 thoughts on “63 Days to go

  1. Great blogging.
    Thanks for putting me on the ‘list’. I am also going thru the preparatory process…..my walk around the coast line of England & Wales begins in Bournemouth on 15th February. Some how, it is re-assuring that there is a similar minded soul out there going through the same process–net books computer, picture uploading, (I have chosen Flick’r). NOT yet showing cherry blossoms in the Toronto area, although our gardens are 100% free of snow so far, and temps have been in the +3-5 C area since pre-Christmas.
    Rather than tackle the major hikes as a build-up, I have opted for the daily 10 miles—probably as far as I will get pre-walk, but feel that it is not a quantum leap to my walk target of 15-17 miles per day in England.
    Currently doing mock bag packing of all my gear in order to start the process of pruning that I will undoubtedly have to undertake.
    Could you pls. send me your e-mail address, so that I can add you to my list of people who receive automatic updates to my blog.
    Kind regards,
    Chris Wilkinson.

  2. 80 days until I start, maybe I see u on the way, although the start of my walk will include a fair bit of road walking as I have a time constraint to consider. Hope, your looking forward to it as much as me, but with each day the size of the walk seems to get larger.

    • Thanks for your comments Russell. Hopefully we will meet up somewhere along the way. I was watching a UK weather forecast the other day and as they panned over the weather map I realized the enormity of our undertaking. But at the end of the day I’m relishing the opportunity to switch off my current life and focus on the footpath in front of me.

    • Just put your itinerary alongside mine and by the look of it we should be seeing quite a bit of each other.
      We both arrive in Drymen on the same day and walk to Rowarennan, Inerenan and part the next day to Tyndrum (I go onto Inveronan) on the same days. Then as I have a rest day in Fort William, we walk to Laggan, and Invermoriston on the same days.

      Mines a cold lager if you get there first

      • Cold lager … duly noted. A pint of bitter works for me! I hope we get to meet at some point during our walks although I should mention I have quite a few rest days in hand and only the first two have been scheduled (and none appear on my blog route page yet). Cheers!

  3. Hi Steve,
    cant wait to get started either! have a countdown on my phone for my april the 11th start date , currently at 74 days 10 hours 52 mins and 6 seconds till we start!
    cant imagine why people are saying i’m getting obsessed! lol!

    • Yes Andy, I know where you’re at! The whiteboard in my cubicle has a countdown to the last day of work and the first day of my walk. I have to find a countdown app for my iPod so that I can track minutes and seconds as well 🙂

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