I’ll be off before the milk is

Good Beer Guide - mobile editionYes, it’s true.  By the time my recently purchased 1-litre carton of milk expires I will be quaffing a pint of a different sort somewhere in London. And finding the perfect pint is now that much easier with the addition of my most recent iPod Touch app: Good Beer Guide – Mobile.

Weighing in at exactly 0 grams it passed the ‘Pack Scrutiny’ test with flying colours.  Good Beer Guide Mobile includes description, location and contact information for over 4500 CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) recommended pubs in Britain.  Most pubs include a mouth-watering description of the beers on offer, an example of which is Sharp’s Doom Bar:

Faint aroma of flowery, spicy hop leads to fruit and malt in the mouth, with bitterness running through. The bitter finish is long with some sweetness and dryness.

You can search by address, postcode or tube station.  Better yet click “Near Me” to find recommended watering holes based on your current location.  Apparently the closest CAMRA pub to Victoria, BC is the Busta House Hotel in Brae in Shetland, a mere 4251.8 miles away.  It’s described as a “rambling mansion house on many levels, dating from 1588 with numerous later additions, sympathetically converted to a country house hotel”.  The review also mentions it is “said to be haunted by the ghost of a young lady, Barbara Pitcairn”.  Sounds excellent although it is a bit off-route.

I mustn’t forget to thank the cabin crews at British Airways.  Their decision to strike over the next couple of weekends has thrown a wrench into my travel plans (and those of thousands of others).  As of tonight it’s unclear as to whether my flight will be cancelled however I decided to avoid the chaos that will occur if it is and have already rebooked my flight.  I now arrive a day earlier than originally planned and the countdown clock has been readjusted accordingly.

Last but not least I recently added a page dedicated to my great-grandfather.  From time to time I will add to his story and include a link from my blog when I do.

6 thoughts on “I’ll be off before the milk is

  1. Funny… I remember thinking the same thing before several of my trips. For me it often occurred in the late evening, around 10:00 p.m. as I searched the fridge for my late evening snack. My frustration of not having anything good to eat would be interupted by the thought of my vacation triggered, by of all things, the expiration date on the carton of milk.

    I love your blog already and you haven’t even departed. Looking forwarding to following your journey, Steve. Good luck and B O N V O Y A G E !

  2. Steve, you just walked out of the buildig to start your long awaited journey, and the inspectors started to call me that CVSA is DOWN!
    Just Kidding, have a great trip! I have bookmarked your blog and will scrutinize it for your stories, especially the drinking stories and the number of pubs that you visited.

    See you in August – all the best.

    • Brent? Russell? The name rings a bell … did we work together in the past? Thanks and I’ll be sure to raise a pint in your honour … whoever you are!

  3. Hi Steve:

    Now you have me REALLY intrigued with this abbreviated story of your great grandfather. . . . . I can understand why you are “hooked”! Recently I saw a program on the TV called “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE” in which celebrities were given the full treatment by Ancestry.com. Susan Sarandon found a grandmother who had also done a bunk and who ended up having lived only a few miles away for many years of Susan’s life! And furthermore, the physical likeness was incredibly striking.

    So good luck on your walking and your historical adventures . . . .

    Janice’s Cousin Carole

    • Thanks Carole. ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ is a great show, I saw a couple of the US versions and all of the Canadian episodes. I’ve also bought all the UK series on DVD (upon which the North American ones are based). My intention was to tell Herbert’s story as I waked however the reality is that I have so much to do to keep my walk going that I haven’t had the time or energy to do it properly. I still intend to do it but it might have to wait until after the walk is done. Thanks, Steve.

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