Killing time in YVR

I decided to take advantage of the free wireless offered at Vancouver’s airport to add a quick blog update.  I must admit the new international terminal is a pretty nice place to kill time in.

The first leg of my journey, the 15-minute flight from Victoria, is complete. One of the disadvantages of living on Vancouver Island (although they pale in comparison to the advantages) is the need to fly to Vancouver to start most international journeys.  The flight itself is not a problem but the wait between flights is often long … almost 4 hours in my case.

I want to pass along my thanks to J.P. who gave me the heads up on the rail strike in Britain.  I was completely oblivious to it as I was busy stick-handling my way around the British Airways strike.  Fortunately I will have completed my rail journeys before the strike (currently scheduled to begin April 6).  I’m looking forward to relying on my feet to get me around beginning April 4 … fingers crossed they don’t walk off the job too.

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