Walk Day 01 – Land’s End to Pendeen

Day 1 – Easter Sunday April 4 Land’s End to Pendeen
 Weather: Sunny  B&B: Cornerways GH (Penzance £30)
 Departed: 10:30 Arrived: 15:00  Walked: 3h 30m Rested: 0 hr 47m
 Distance Today: 9.97 mi / 16.04 km  Total Distance: 9.97 mi / 16.04 km
 % Complete: ~ 0.91%  Pint of the Day: St. Austell’s Tinners Ale
 GPS Track for: Day 1

I had a great start to the day but the driver of the #1 bus to Land’s End muttered he wished he had stayed in bed. Apparently his bus had no destination banner, no working stop bells and an out-of-date ticket machine. A single fare to Land’s End normally cost £4.45 however an observant teenager asked if the £1.00 special fare was still on. That promotion had ended but according to the ticket dispensing machine it was still valid and so our bus driver gave us the discount (to cheers all round). Now navigating a full-size double-decker bus through these tiny villages and hedgerow enclosed lanes is difficult enough but an unusually high number of parked cars made it even more difficult – the air was blue.

Despite a few delays we arrived at Land’s End at 10:30am under spectacular blue skies. The wind was up and it was cold but I’m not complaining – I couldn’t have asked for a better day to start the walk. I headed straight to the famous Land’s End signpost and got in line (yes, there was a short line on this busy Easter Sunday). I didn’t bother registering my walk with the LEJOG club as I didn’t want to bother collecting stamps along the way. If I complete the walk my blog will be proof enough that I did it. I did however splurge on the cheesy professional photo because the photographer agreed to snap another with my digital camera.

Just outside of Land’s End I found the signpost that has adorned my computer screen background at work for the past few months. I snapped a quick photo and then headed towards Sennan Cove. There were plenty of walkers out this morning enjoying the easy ramble between Land’s End and Sennan Cove. Once through Sennan I followed a line through a series of sand dunes just above the beach. The volume of walkers at this point dropped off dramatically.

The path was in good shape and pretty easy to follow as long as you followed the signs. At one point I deviated slightly and it cost me an extra half mile as I zigzagged down a slope to regain the main path. There were a few sections where I had to clamber over rocks and some areas were soggy but overall it was pretty much as excepted. There were a few good climbs too but I suspect these will pale in comparison to others to come.

Visibility was excellent today and I had no shortage of wonderful photo opportunities, including the many old tin mines that this area is known for. The ruined mines increased in number as I neared Botallack and this is the point where I left the South West Coast Path and headed inland to follow some minor roads into Pendeen.

I arrived at the North Inn at 3pm but had unfortunately missed Sunday lunch by half an hour. I had to make do with a pint of St. Austell’s Tinner’s Ale and a packet of Cheese & Onion crisps. I had a full English breakfast but not a proper lunch so I was still pretty hungry. I will have to remember to pick up some food for tomorrow’s walk which I expect will take at least an hour or two longer to complete.

I caught a bus back to Penzance and will return to Pendeen in the morning where I will begin my walk to St. Ives (Easter weekend meant that I had to book 3 nights in Penzance and so I will be commuting for the first two days). One benefit of commuting is that my pack weighs about half of what it normally would.


7 thoughts on “Walk Day 01 – Land’s End to Pendeen

  1. Yay you’re off!!! And it looks like a lovely day to start.

    It’s probably good to have a light pack for the first few days…gotta ease into these 1200 mile walks ya know.

  2. Nice smile. We’ll see how long that lasts before the blisters set in! Just rent a moped. We’ll never know.

    • I rented a moped back in ’83 and bombed around Cornwall … it was great fun. I don’t think you would have had your Driver’s Licence back then, in fact you may have still been tricycle-bound?

    • Thanks Brian … it’s a record worth breaking! I will leave the “Most UK pints drunken by a Canadian” record for someone else though.

  3. Good luck Steve on your great adventure.I’ll looking forward to following your journey over the next 3 months. Picture looks great, if we didn’t know better it looks as if you are set for a day hike!!!

    • Thanks Andy, the pack was about half full and probably weighed about 5 kilos. The relatively short distance also made it feel like a bit of a day hike.

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