Walk Day 06 – Newquay to Padstow

Day 6 – April 9 Newquay to Padstow
 Weather: Sunny and warm  B&B: Damara House (£35)
 Departed: 09:15 Arrived: 16:45  Walked: 5h 55m Rested: 1 hr 45m
 Distance Today: 17.55 mi / 28.2 km  Total Distance: 84.55 mi / 136.1 km
 % Complete: ~ 7.69%  Pint of the Day: St. Austell’s Tinner Ale
 GPS Track for: Day 6

I’m relaxing in my Padstow B&B after another excellent walking day. The sun has just set, the birds are singing in the fields and I’m enjoying the cool evening air as it drifts in from my open window. The walk from Newquay was my longest to date, 17.5 miles.

I want to give a big thumbs up to the St. Bernard’s GH in Newquay. In addition to a great room they served up one of the tastiest breakfasts so far. The homemade marmalade was amazing!

I set off just after 9am but it took 1/2 an hour to get out of sprawling Newquay. Another 30 minutes on I walked into a large construction project and was forced to divert to a road. The SWCP is usually very well marked but in this instance I couldn’t find any way back onto the footpath. I climbed a very steep hill and could see the SWCP one field over but no obvious way to get there. Eventually I found a way to get next to it but it and I were separated by some very nasty barbed wire. I could see a stile in the upper corner of the next field along but this too was fenced off with barbed wire. Obviously this construction project has been going on for awhile because I found a spot where someone had cut a hole in the fence and I didn’t hesitate to make my great escape.

I took a short tea break after descending into Magwan Porth and took advantage of some picnic tables next to the beach. The sun was shining and the beach was filling up with boogie boarders, surfers and the bucket and spade brigade.

It was a steep climb out of Magwan Porth but it was worth it as the next several miles provided some excellent walking. There were a lot of walkers out today and I had brief chats with several of them. I passed Bedruthan Steps, a National Trust site, and then a little further along I descended into Porthcothan. I ate my first pasty of the walk, a tasty cheese and onion job purchased from a shop doing a brisk business in pasties, ice cream and plastic beach accessories.

At Treyarnon Bay I headed inland by following a footpath next to a golf course. My intention was to go to Harlyn Bridge but when I emerged from the gold club parking lot I made a wrong turn. I could have retraced my steps but I decided to carry on and pay a brief visit to St. Merryn instead. This was a good decision on two accounts: 1) St. Merryn provided a more direct route to Padstow and 2) I stumbled upon the very friendly Farmer’s Arms pub.

While enjoying my pint of Tinner’s Ale I re-charted my course to Padstow. The route avoided A-roads but I did spend half an hour on a busy B-road. This allowed me to practice my tacking technique as well as perfect a number of hedge-hugging moves that were popular with motorists (if the number of waves and thumbs-up is anything to go by). The second half of my revised route used a quiet minor road which in contrast was a pleasure to walk on.

I arrived in Padstow just before 5pm and after a brief rest I headed down to the village to find some grub. I managed to find a place not owned by Rick Stein (The London Inn) and enjoyed an excellent Cottage Pie … and another pint of Tinner’s (for those of you who are counting).


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