Rest Day 01 – Padstow

April 10, 2010 Padstow
 Weather: Sunny  B&B: Damara House (£35)

Today’s my first rest day and I’ve enjoyed the break from my new daily routine. I’ve spent most of the day looking for accommodation further along my route and enjoying the luxury of putting my feet up. I did spend some time walking around Padstow but it was heaving with visitors and so I retreated to sanctity of my B&B after a couple of hours. I plan to head back down and take some photos this evening, when the majority of day-trippers have left.

I went through the photos in my gallery and added captions to many of them. I’ve also added the cost of my accommodation to the header section of each day. My daily budget for accommodation and food is £50 so I’m trying to keep my accommodation costs down to an average of £35 per night.


2 thoughts on “Rest Day 01 – Padstow

  1. Hi Steve,
    Really enjoying your posts and especially your enduring enthusiasm!

    You talk about “downloading” your GPS tracks to Everytrail. Which device are you using to record them? I assume you connect whatever it is to your netbook and upload to Everytrail from there?

    Also, are you going to use Wifi exclusively or do you plan to use a mobile GPRS/3G connection where Wifi isn’t available?


    • Hi Kevin … I’m using a Garmin eTrex Legend HCx GPS. The process is as you describe, ie. hook it up to my netbook and upload it directly to I also have some Garmin software that lets me download my tracks and upload the routes I created using “Where’s the Path”. I’m relying on wifi exclusively although I do have an old Orange mobile that I’m using for voice calls (only). So far (knock wood) I’ve been able to pick up a wireless signal from every b&b and if necessary from the odd pub. Thanks for your comments. Cheers, Steve.

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