Walk Day 07 – Padstow to Port Issac

Day 7 – April 11 Padstow to Port Issac
 Weather: Sunny and warm  B&B: Lane End Farm (£30)
 Departed: 09:10 Arrived: 14:20  Walked: 4h 05m Rested: 1 hr 04m
 Distance Today: 13.5 mi / 21.7 km  Total Distance: 98.05 mi / 158.5 km
 % Complete: ~ 8.90%  Pint of the Day: Sharp’s Doom Bar Ale
 GPS Track for: Day 7

Hazy sunshine and cool air greeted me as I left Damara House just after 9am, another excellent B&B which I recommend. My destination for today is Port Issac, or more specifically Pendogget which lies about a mile inland.

I made the decision long ago that my LEJOG would be entirely on foot and therefore the ferry from Padstow to Rock was not in play. The alternative was to walk 5 miles inland along the Camel Trail, an old railway bed that follows the River Camel to the town of Wadebridge. The Camel Trail is flat, scenic and very popular with cyclists. I made excellent time, averaging 3.5 miles/hour and was enjoying a mug of tea in Wadebridge by 11:00am. One of the cycle hire shops in Wadebridge was flying a Canadian flag, I’m not exactly sure why but I also noticed a street called “Canadian Terrace” in Port Issac.

From Wadebridge my plan was to make my way to Pendoggett, as directly as possible so that I would have time to visit Port Issac late afternoon. The route was a combination of footpaths, minor roads and a very short section of busy B-road. I’ve referred to A and B-roads quite a bit in my blog so for those readers back home in Victoria:

  • An A-road would be the equivalent of the Pat Bay Highway. The cars drive fast (at least 50mph) and there is a lot of truck traffic.
    Sometimes there are two lanes in each direction, sometimes only one.
  • A B-road would be similar to West Saanich Road or East Saanich Road. – ie. lots of local traffic. In Cornwall B-roads often have no shoulders or ditches … just hedgerows 6 to 8 foot high.
  • Minor roads range from paved farm tracks to country lanes (ie. Central Saanich Road would be a busy minor road)
  • A Motorway is like a Freeway, high speeds with on / off ramps to shuttle traffic onto A and B roads.
  • I arrived in the tiny hamlet of Chapel Amble just before 1pm and stopped at the Maltsters Arms for a pint of Sharp’s Doom Bar. I sat outside in the sun as did a large crowd of locals who were about to head inside to enjoy their Sunday Roast. I wasn’t hungry yet as my “Full Cornish” (that’s a breakfast and not a dance routine) would see me through to my evening meal.

    I then spent a very pleasant 90 minutes navigating Cornwall’s quiet country lanes, during which time I encountered no more than half a dozen cars. I passed a very cool old signpost and couldn’t resist taking the photo which I’ve included in today’s blog.

    My GPS batteries died just before the end of my walk so this, and not alien abduction, explains the gap in my GPS track. I received a warm welcome at Lane End Farm when I arrived just before 2:30pm. My hosts Nab and Linda were heading out at 3:30pm and offered to drop me in Port Issac.

    Port Issac is a pretty little seaside village which has become famous in recent years as it is the setting for the very popular British television program “Doc Martin”. The series began airing in Canada just over a year ago and I (and many people I know) are big fans. The Doctor’s Surgery was easy to spot as were several other locations used in the series. There was a well worn patch in the grass were countless people, and now me, have taken a photo of the house.

    I walked south for about half a mile along the SWCP and encountered a very inquisitive and nervous herd of cows grazing along the cliff’s edge. Their tendency was to stare, and then jump back when you approach and then follow en-masse when you pass. There was an older couple walking their dogs (off-lead) and this added to the herd’s overall agitation. It took less than an hour to give Port Issac a good look and so I walked ½ mile north to the much smaller and quieter village of Port Gravene. I enjoyed another pint of Doom Bar before making my back to the B&B along a very poorly marked trail. Tomorrow I’m back on the SWCP.

    2 thoughts on “Walk Day 07 – Padstow to Port Issac

    1. Hi Steve,

      good to read that all is going well 1 week into your adventure. My wife and I are going to spend a few nights in cornwall later in the summer and I have already booked the BB’s that you have spoken so highly about and provided a link to,thanks for that. Enjoy your day.

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