Walk Day 10 – Bude to Hartland Quay

Day 10 – April 14 Bude to Hartland Quay
 Weather: Cloudy, cool and windy  B&B: Hartland Quay Hotel (£40)
 Departed: 08:50 Arrived: 16:00  Walked: 5h 37m Rested: 1 hr 29m
 Distance Today: 15.3 mi / 24.62 km  Total Distance: 145.8 mi / 234.64 km
 % Complete: ~ 13.09%  Pint of the Day: St. Austell’s Tribute Ale
 GPS Track for: Day 10

As expected Day 10 was challenging although not quite as exhausting as yesterday‘s walk. I think the cool and cloudy weather had a lot to do with that. The hardest section of the SWCP is now complete and there are only 3 more strenuous miles to Hartland Point before the path mellows out on its way to Clovelly.

I left the very friendly Sunrise Guest House before 9am and covered the first 3 miles in less than an hour. There was a small patch of blue sky that was soon obliterated by an advancing cloud bank. There would be no need for sunscreen today and the jacket would remain on too as there was a biting north-easterly.

While the first 3 miles were reasonably easy the next eight miles were riddled with valleys that needed traversing. The total ascents and descents were similar to yesterday (just over 10,000 feet) however there seemed to be fewer steps. Many of these valleys were referred to as “Mouths”, there was Sandy Mouth, Litter Mouth and Welcombe Mouth. The only Potty Mouth was me when another one of these came into view. After Welcombe Mouth the SWCP leveled off and followed the cliff tops for a couple of miles before reverting to valleys just prior to my descent into the Hartland Quay Hotel.

This was a very remote stretch of coast and I didn’t pass any shops, pubs or cafes. Sandy beaches were rare and so surfers and families were nowhere to be seen. However the massive Radio Installation (photo on right) I walked by this morning has been on the horizon for the last day and a half. This radio station is part of the Cornish military’s Early Warning System designed to detect foreigners from Devon. 😉

At some point after 1pm I walked out of Cornwall and into Devon. It’s taken almost 10 days to traverse my first county but the remainder, in England at least, will be crossed in much quicker fashion.

The Hartland Quay Hotel is my refuge for the night. Situated immediately below the SWCP it is pretty much the only option unless you’re willing to walk inland for several miles. The hotel has a pub with wifi so it’s time for supper and to post this blog.

Wifi is pretty iffy tomorrow so my next blog update may not be until Friday.


6 thoughts on “Walk Day 10 – Bude to Hartland Quay

  1. Hello!

    I’m really enjoying your detailed and informative posts as you take this remarkable journey. My brother, Andy Green, is also on LeJog at the moment so I’m following people obsessively! Wishing you well in your onward travels.


    • Thanks Judy! I’m trying to follow all the blogs too but I have to admit to being a bit behind. There are a handful of LEJOGers out there now so hopefully some of our paths will cross in the near future. Cheer, Steve.

  2. Hi Steve,

    62 days and 1000 miles to go!!! I’m sure its fills you with anticipation that some of us can only dream of at the moment.
    I Look forward to your next blog.

    Best wishes.

    • Thanks Andy … I keep revising my “total miles” figure upwards (based on actual miles walked) and so I’m guessing the final total will now top 1200 miles. So by this time tomorrow I should definitely have less than 1000 miles to go! Cheers, Steve.

    • Hi John … it’s pretty much where I thought it would be. I’m into a routine now and was expecting some challenges in the second week (ie. difficult terrain on SWCP and long distances for the next few days). My body seems to be holding up fairly well so if I can get through the next week I should be in good shape. Of course it’s as much a mental challenge as a physical one but if anything I’m more confident now than I was 12 days ago and I have the SWCP to thank for that. Cheers, Steve.

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