Walk Day 12 – Clovelly to Barnstaple

Day 12 – April 16 Clovelly to Barnstaple
 Weather: Sunny  B&B: Cresta Guest House (£25)
 Departed: 08:35 Arrived: 18:00  Walked: 8h 01m Rested: 1 hr 23m
 Distance Today: 26.5 mi / 42.65 km  Total Distance: 184.3 mi / 296.60 km
 % Complete: ~ 16.44%  Pint of the Day: Sharp’s Doom Bar Ale
 GPS Track for: Day 12

Note: I’m behind on updating my photo gallery … I may update these tonight if I don’t fall asleep first.

The reason is I walked 26.5 miles today and am absolutely spent. I’ve never walked more than 20 miles in one day so this is certainly a record for me and one I truly hope never to break. Unfortunately I have another long day tomorrow but I will be taking shortcuts wherever possible to reduce the mileage. I also intend to be on the road by 8am and to take some longer breaks.

I was hoping the margin of error I was experiencing with “Where’s the Path” (the tool I used to plot my route) may be less of a factor now that I was dealing with less changes in altitude however that was not the case. My 21.7 miles estimate turned out to be 26.5. What saved me was the fact that I managed to walk these miles in the same amount of time the tool estimated it would take me to walk 21.7.

The first 13 miles were on local roads as I headed in a north-easterly direction from Clovelly through a few small villages to the Tarka Trail, a disused railway bed that is now a cycling / walking trail. There were a few short climbs in the first section but once I hit the Tarka Trail it was flat as a pancake for the next 13.5 miles.

The scenery was quite pleasant and the weather was fantastic (again) however it was just too much of a good thing. I think about 7 hours of walking is my limit and beyond that it’s just a painful slog. My feet are extremely sore but fortunately no blisters. I’m hoping this will still be the case tomorrow night. I’m looking forward to my second rest day on Sunday.

On Monday I head to Roadwater and originally I was going to be in Bridgwater on Tuesday however I have decided to break up this potentially long day (8+ hours) by staying in Nether Stowey instead.


8 thoughts on “Walk Day 12 – Clovelly to Barnstaple

  1. HOLY S**T!!! 26.5 MILES!! Steve, you are making all of us other Joglers look bad!! I consider myself a walker, but I’ve NEVER walked 26 miles in one day. My hat’s off to you. But now you’ve created a problem. I’ve been carefully logging the names and addresses of all your B&Bs, but I’m planning on splitting the difference between Clovelly and Barnstaple by stopping in Westward Ho. So now I don’t have the name of an accommodation in Westward Ho. I don’t suppose you would consider backtracking to Westward Ho and finding a place for me to stay. No,… I didn’t think so.

    I am enjoying your postings and selection of ales. At least until today.


    • Hi Ken … I did consider your request for about a nanosecond but I’m afraid I don’t do backtracking … except by accident! 🙂 Westward Ho! is a good plan though. Today’s walk to Simonsbath was a much saner 18 miles. Regarding B&B’s … you might want to consider spending a bit more in Clovelly and staying in the old village itself. My B&B was fine and the couple who ran it were extremely nice but there is nothing in Higher Clovelly / Burscott so you will need to make the trip down to the village for dinner. Cheers, Steve.

  2. Isn’t that virtually the same distance as a marathon? And don’t half-decent runners do that in around 4 hours? Don’t know what you’re complaining about. ;o)

    Seriously, it does sound a heck of a slog, and you’re wise to be corner-cutting now.

    May the sun continue to shine on you, and the routes be simple to find.. oh, and good beers appear at your watering holes 🙂

    Best wishes,


    • Thanks Judy … Sunshine, simple routes and good beers were all on offer today. In fact I’m enjoying a very nice pint of Exmoor Ale as I reply to your comment. Cheers, Steve.

  3. Wow dude, a marathon today! You better be eating some good food or you’ll be a stick figure when you get back!!

    Good on ya – that’s very impressive.

    • Hey Tahna … it would have been more impressive if I had done it on purpose. My walks are fueled by my full English breakfasts and I try to have a good feed in the evening. I’m staying at an Inn tonight and the menu looks promising.

  4. Hi Stever fantastic distance, great job you are doing of keeping the blog up to date, my is a bit scapbookish, never mind take it easy when you get a chance, glad you are enjoying the walking and beer.


    • Thanks John … I’m really enjoying your blog … your milk maid story trumps all of mine! I’ve had a few instances where the technology refuses to cooperate so I know how frustrating that can be. A nice walk today into Exmoor … one more destination I can cross off the bucket list. Enjoy your walk and perhaps our paths will cross at some point. Cheers, Steve.

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