Walk Day 22 – Gloucester to Tewkesbury

Day 22 – April 27 Gloucester to Tewkesbury
 Weather: Sunny w/cloudy periods  B&B: Abbey Hotel (£35.00)
 Departed: 09:35 Arrived: 15:15  Walked: 4 hr 15m Rested: 1 hr 35m
 Distance Today: 12.9 mi / 20.76 km  Total Distance: 352.1 mi / 566.65 km
 % Complete: ~ 31.21%  Pint of the Day: Wickwar Ale
 GPS Track for: Day 22

Bill Williams joins me for part of my walk to Tewkesbury

Another sunny start as I caught the 8:23 bus to Gloucester. First on the agenda was a visit to an outdoor store in search of a new pair of socks. My up until recently favourite pair of “blister-proof” socks are wearing thin after 350 miles and were in need of replacement. I was also in need of more biodegradable soap which I use to wash my socks every night.

While finalizing my purchase Bill appeared in the store, correctly sussing me out for a second day in a row by correctly guessing that a walker in search of socks would turn up in one of two shops in the city centre. With my shopping complete we fired up our GPS’s and headed out in search of the Severn Way. Bill had devised the optimum route and so I was able to put my map away and enjoy the carefree benefits of having a guide.

On reaching the “White Horse”, a Chinese restaurant surrounded by horses (some of whom were white) we found a footpath leading to the Severn Way. It had been roped off but we could see the Severn 50 yards away and so we untethered the rope and pushed forward. The reason for the rope was made clear when we happened upon not one but two horses grazing near the footpath.

For the next two hours we enjoyed a leisurely walk through grassy meadows chock-a-block with dandelions and a wooded hillside covered in bluebells. We had a good chin-wag and the time passed quickly. Just after noon we reached the Red Lion Inn at Wainlode where we enjoyed a Pint (and a half!) of Wickwar ale on the patio. Bill was wonderful company and so I’d like to thank him once again for taking the time to share part of my LEJOG experience with me. There is a chance we might meet up one more time in Scotland in early June.

As Bill headed up the hill towards Norton to catch a bus back to Gloucester I continued along the Severn Way for another 6 miles. I met a few people walking their dog but for the most part it was very quiet until I reached the outskirts of Tewkesbury.

After a brief rest I headed to the post office to pick up the Poste Restante parcel that was waiting for me (thank you Brian). With my new maps in hand I will now fill the box with old maps and anything else I don’t need and ship it home by surface mail.

I had a great meal at the Tudor House Hotel and am now looking forward to tomorrow’s rest day … and there’s a very good chance I will meet up with fellow LEJOGer John Parsons. If you haven’t checked out his blog yet you will find it here.


2 thoughts on “Walk Day 22 – Gloucester to Tewkesbury

  1. Nice going – and nice writing. Glad you liked the Red Lion Inn, and the Tudor House Hotel in Tewkesbury – I visited the first and stayed at the latter!

    Keep hoofing, and thank you for entertaining us!


    • I liked the food enough at the Tudor House to eat there again the following night with J.P.. Thanks again for your comments Daryl! Cheers, Steve.

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