Walk Day 38 – Low Reisgill to Hawes

Day 38 – May 16 Low Reisgill to Hawes
 Weather: Cloudy with occasional showers  B&B: Herriot’s B&B (£45)
 Departed: 9:35 Arrived: 12:45  Walked: 2h 58m Rested: 0 hr 18m
 Distance Today: 9.7 mi / 15.61 km  Total Distance: 603.9 mi / 971.88 km
 % Complete: ~ 52.79%  Pint of the Day: Black Sheep Bitter
 GPS Track for: Day 38

A half-day walk meant a lie-in this morning and a later than normal breakfast. A charity bike race was taking place in the Dales and so cyclists were speeding past the b&b long before I set out at 9:30am.

Today’s walk was pretty straight-forward, a 2 to 3-mile walk up Wharfdale along the Dales Way to Beckermonds before turning north. It was a long climb, nearly two miles, up the valley and through the tiny village of Oughtershaw to a viewpoint at which both Wharfdale and Wensleydale were visible. From there it was a five mile descent down Sleddale into Gayle and then Hawes.

Half a mile or so before the viewpoint I spotted something in the narrow little ditch at the side of the road. It turned out to be 1-person tent in its stuff sack, and a fairly expensive looking one at that. I figured it must have fallen off a bicycle or motorcycle because a walker would have likely noticed had it fallen out of or off of their pack. Regardless the owner was in for a shock when they went to set up camp. I considered leaving it on the side of the road, in a more visible location, but thought someone other than the owner might grab it. If I carried it myself the owner might spot it if they were driving by in a frantic search to recover it. A couple of miles later a guy on a motorcycle did exactly that and so the tent was reunited with its grateful owner. My backup plan was to drop it off at the hostel in Hawes and then put a photo of it on my blog but fortunately that wasn’t necessary.

I strolled into Hawes well before 1pm and checked into my b&b. This is my third (possibly fourth?) visit to this large market town. I’ve done quite a few walks in Wensleydale and Swaledale on previous visits but tomorrow’s walk over Great Shunner Fell will be a new experience.

The day ended on a positive note because I found a pub showing the 20/20 Cricket final. It was great to watch a game in the company of other fans and to top it off England beat Australia by 7 wickets to capture their first World Cricket title ever. Good fun all around.


2 thoughts on “Walk Day 38 – Low Reisgill to Hawes

  1. Your tale of the tent exemplifies what is so wonderful about walking — a satisfying experience that a driver would never have. Good on ya for deciding to carry that extra weight when you could have left it behind.

    • Leaving it was never an option but I certainly was happy when it was reunited with its owner. Have you set a date yet for your JOGLE (I’m a bit out of date when it comes to checking other blogs)?

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