Lest We Forget

It’s been a couple of months since my last update and although I’m sad to say I haven’t been planning any new walks I have been busy. A few days ago I launched a website dedicated to Canadian and British soldiers of the First World War. It’s called On Active Service and it began as a tribute to my relatives who served but has grown to include other soldiers as well. I’m fortunate enough to own some of their photos and letters and I feel one of the most poignant ways to remember their sacrifice is through their own words. Long walks were no stranger to these men and sore backs and feet were the least of their problems.

I’ve fulfilled at least part of my promise to share the story of my great-grandfather Herbert Clifford. My new site includes a section dedicated to his contribution to the war effort.

I’m looking forward to reading next year’s crop of blogs, in the meantime I’ve been reminiscing by watching slide shows of my LEJOG. The 1200-mile walk takes just under 45 minutes and can be enjoyed from the comfort of my recliner. 🙂 It seems like years ago since I set off from Land’s End and I look forward to the day I can begin planning another long ramble. In the meantime, happy walking!


4 thoughts on “Lest We Forget

  1. Hi Steve,
    Nice to hear from you!. its so sad how some blogs just came to an end, would have been great to keep in touch with more people!
    Hoping for another walk next year, may have to sell the house to achieve it tho!
    Alfie as ever is his old self totally unchanged by anything around him. many more long walks in him amazing dog!
    will of course blog more, i still have a load of pictures to add to “The 3 A’s way” so worth a look if you get bored!

    Getting any walk flash backs? even now i’m getting two or three a day! nothing has ever affected me as much as Lejog so glad to have such an achievement to call mine!

    Speak again

    Andy and of course Alfie (ledog!)

  2. Hey Andy and Alfie!

    Great to hear from you again. I’m definitely getting flashbacks and I think lately the number has been increasing. One minute I’m walking to work and the next I’m weaving through the country lanes just outside Nether Stowey. That’s the great thing about travel … it’s a gift that just keeps on giving.

    I’m glad to hear you’re planning another walk and I will definitely keep my eyes peeled on your blog. Have you decided where you’re going to go? I’m mulling around ideas in my head but it’s unlikely I’ll get back to Blighty before 2013.

    Please keep in touch!


  3. Hi again
    Ive two walks in the very early planning stage, one will not happen for at least eight years (finances are that bad! lol)
    and that will be a home to home walk of about 2.5 thousand miles (estimate). Walking from home to John O’Groats then to Lands End then back home! this may become a retirement project as it will take about 4.5 months if my distance estimate is correct!.
    The other is a west to east, coast to coast walk through wales and England, which i’m hoping to do next July, with a load of planning my route is intending to intersect with John Parsons Joggle that he’s planning for next year, be great to see him again!

    Will update the blog or start another…I’m considering starting a web page called “Fantasy Footpaths” ! with a forum and a file sharing area where people can upload GPX/KML routes and to make planning a long distance trek easier i hope that people will also share good places for provisioning etc, if this comes to fruition it could be great fun to run!

    Any way enough of my rambling! (bad pun intended!)

  4. Hi A&A,

    Your web page is an excellent idea! It would be great to ask other walkers for recommendations on walking through less well-known areas. Let me know when you got it running! 🙂

    I look forward to hearing more about next summer’s trip. I was thinking of incorporating a route through Wales into my next long distance walk.

    A home to home LEJOG sounds like a great challenge although one I’ll have to pass on (the north Atlantic would prove tricky).


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