Spring … and just in time too

Summer is just over a week away but you’d hardly have known it a couple of weeks ago. We’ve had an unusually cold and dull Spring but it looks like the warm weather is finally here. It’s probably just as well that most of us have been holed up in living rooms and pubs watching the Stanley Cup finals … the province is holding it’s collective breath as the Vancouver Canucks are one game away from winning their first championship in franchise history (which began in 1970).

I’ve also been reminiscing about last year’s LEJOG as I follow some excellent blogs. They are listed on my links page but here they are again in case you haven’t seen them yet: Jack Frost’s 2011 End to End, Ken Klug’s My 1200-mile Summer and Charlie Lee’s Epic Walk around Great Britain.

I’ve been giving my next walk some serious thought lately. I’ve suffered some health problems in the past few months and although I’m feeling much better these days it has underlined the importance of seizing the day. Had I been an attempting a LEJOG this year I would have been forced to cancel my plans at the last minute. I mention this only in case you are reading this and contemplating your own LEJOG. My advice: if the walk really is important to you then don’t procrastinate! Just make it happen.

My long-term walking plans have flip-flopped between an annual but short term (3-4 weeks) walking holiday and a less frequent but multi-month walking adventure. The former is definitely easier to organize but the fact is I’m a sucker for a good adventure and love living an alternate lifestyle, even if it’s only for a few months every few years.

I’ve been trying to come up with an interesting route that is as challenging as a LEJOG but one that covers new ground … and I think I may have found it. I’ll share the idea here once I’ve given it a bit more thought. I’m tentatively scheduling it for early 2013, assuming I can arrange another short-term leave of absence from work.

I leave you with a link I stumbled upon this morning. If any of you are planning a walk in the Scottish Highlands you might appreciate this Midge Forecast sponsored by a Midge repellent company.


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