British (Columbia) Summertime

When anyone asks me when they should visit the west coast I tell them the last two weeks of July are a sure thing if you’re looking for hot and sunny weather. So much for that sage advice. The warm weather that had arrived in time for my last posting is a distant memory and the less said about the Stanley Cup Finals the better.

I recently found a book entitled Best of British, “a humorous collection of all things quirky about Britain and the Brits”. Apart from spelling ‘humourous’ incorrectly it’s a great little book and I couldn’t help but think their page on British Summertime described our own situation rather well.

I haven’t made much progress on planning my next UK walk but I did subscribe to Ordnance Survey’s GetaMap service which allows me to plot routes, organize them and print them out. It can also overlay a variety of ‘Points of Interest’ including accommodation and pubs. My initial impression is that it is well worth the £18/year subscription (a special promotional price … I believe it normally costs £30/year). Note: Getamap requires the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in be installed on your browser.

I just joined a UK walking discussion board which I look forward to participating in. I’m also trying to get my hands on a new book called “The Channel Islands Way” although for some reason the publisher won’t let ship to overseas addresses. I’m trying to contact the publisher directly but the email address I was given apparently doesn’t exist . At this point I’d be more than happy with an e-book version for my iPad.


2 thoughts on “British (Columbia) Summertime

  1. Hiya. Did I say “Happy New Year” this year?

    I can easily order “The Channel Island Way” – the paperback version. Amazon would deliver it to me here in Bedford on Monday if I buy online this evening (Saturday). Free delivery too. Total cost GBP9.95. I haven’t been able to find an ebook version.

    I’d be more than happy to send the copy to you if you wish as a return gift for the book you presented me with.

    Best wishes,


  2. Hi Brian … thanks very much and a belated Happy New Year to you too. I’ll drop you an email regarding the book! Cheers, Steve.

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