Ramble On

August has arrived and most LEJOGers will be nearing the end of their long journey from Land’s End. A hearty congratulations to Jack Frost who reached John O’Groats yesterday and who is now enjoying a few days off in London. Ken Klug is currently in Drymen and is about to start the West Highland Way. The WHW ends in Fort William, a destination that marked (for me at least) the beginning of the last section of my LEJOG. I’ve updated my Links page to include two other LEJOGs currently in progress.

Oddly enough I’m not aware of any JOGLEs (John O’Groats to Lands End) currently underway. July and August are traditionally when most begin and I suppose some are underway but have chosen not to blog. However one unique journey I did learn of a week ago is James Aukett’s Bus Country trip from Land’s End to John O’Groats … using public transit! I’m really intrigued by this 6-day journey (starting August 22), possibly because it’s only been done twice before or perhaps because I rely on buses to get around. I’ll be fascinated to see how his detailed schedule works out and look forward to his Tweets and Facebook entries.

I’ve spent the last few weeks hanging out on Walkingforum.co.uk and it seems a very friendly place. There are lots of interesting threads and some fantastic walking photos are being posted all the time. If you are keen on walking in the UK I recommend you check it out (fyi my username is RambleOn).

The big news this time around is that I’ve made a decision! After months of faffing about I’ve come to the conclusion that a shorter, but annual, UK walking trip is at this point a more practical option than a 3 or 4 month trip every few years. This doesn’t mean another 1000+ mile walk isn’t in the cards, only that it’s not going to happen in 2012 or 2013.

Once I make a decision I don’t hang about and so I’ve already booked a flight for next April. Over the next few months I’ll enjoy pondering which walks I should do. At this point I’m thinking I’ll stay in England or Wales and then venture back to Scotland in 2013. One option is the Channel Islands Way (and thanks to Brian C. I now have the recently published guidebook) and another is the Thames Path plus something else, possibly the Ridgeway. I like the idea of flying into London and then walking out of it, and I always enjoy walking along water. I have some family history to research in the Forest of Dean and so the Wye Valley Walk (after the Thames Path) is another option. If any of you have walked the Thames Path or Wye Valley Walk I’d be interested in hearing from you.


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