Doing Our Bit

It’s now November and with less than six months to go I’m a bit behind in my preparations for next Spring’s walk.  That said it’s not a LEJOG and so the logistics will be a lot easier to work out.  I’ve been very busy on Historypin and preparing “Doing Our Bit“, a Remembrance Day tribute video which I’ve embedded below.  I was in possession of some fantastic old photographs and felt that this would be a great way to share them.  Seeing those young faces stare back at me makes me wonder what was going through their minds as they boarded the steamships bound for Vancouver, their first step on the long road to the Western Front.   I hope you will find it a poignant reminder of their courage and sacrifice.



In my last post I mentioned I had made some progress in the search for my great-grandfather Herbert.  Unfortunately the death certificate I ordered listed the occupation of the deceased as “Engineers Fitter”, a poor match and so this plus a small discrepancy in age led me to the conclusion that this was a false lead. Nevertheless I’m optimistic the British Postal Museum and Archive will shed some light on what happened to Herbert after he left the army in 1924.  If their Herbert Clifford is my Herbert Clifford then his last known whereabouts will be Windsor in 1938 … and Windsor is smack dab in the middle of my proposed walking route.

News from If you’ve been thinking about publishing a book through Blurb then you may be interested to hear that they’ve now added eBooks to their list of publishing options.  At the moment the eBooks are only viewable on Apple IOS devices (ie. iPhones and iPads) but I’ve been told an Android version will be available before long.  The eBook option provides an inexpensive alternative to the pricier paper versions.  I’ve just added an eBook version of End to End in 2010 to my Blurb bookstore for $4.99.  If you’re contemplating purchasing any eBook through Blurb I suggest you ensure you’re running the latest version of iBook (Apple’s free eBook reader). Also, be aware that currently all Blurb eBooks appear as a two-page spread in landscape mode and so some zooming may be required to read small text.

One thought on “Doing Our Bit

  1. Hi Steve,

    I look forward to reading your blog about your next UK trip. I’ve decided to hike the Camino de Santiago in April, 2013 then go back to the UK for a Coast to Coast in June, after touring around Europe.

    Jack Frost

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