London bound

Vancouver International Airport

I have a few hours to kill before my flight to London and so I thought I’d try posting from my iPad. This is the first time I’ve left on a trip without a paper book in my bag! I have two eBooks and a dozen or so PDFs but the only paper I’m carrying are the printouts from Ordnance Survey’s Getamap site.

In addition to my Cicerone “The Thames Path” walking guide eBook I purchased a copy of “The Wild Rover: a blistering journey along Britain’s footpaths” by Mike Parker. The book celebrates Britain’s extraordinary network of public footpaths and ancient rights-of-way. I’m only a few pages in but it looks like it will be a great read.

Having shed the paper and a couple of electronic gizmos I managed to get may pack weight down to 9 kilos. My checked bag weighed in at 5.3kg so Air Canada will have to look elsewhere if they are hoping to cash in on an overweight baggage surcharge.

For the most part the remainder of my kit remains largely unchanged. A few pieces of worn out clothing have been replaced and unexpectedly I have a new Gortex Paclite rain jacket. Somehow I managed to crush the zipper of my wonderful Mountain HardWear Typhoon jacket at a hockey game. Now I admit I really get into my hockey games but crushing YKK zippers seems a bit over the top, even for me. This happened about 4 weeks ago and so I figured I’d better get it sorted ASAP.

I took the jacket back to Robinson’s Sporting Goods store where I bought it more than two years ago. I expected a recommendation on where I could get it repaired but instead they told me they would return it under warranty. I was delighted but sad to see my reliable Typhoon jacket bundled up and sent away. I didn’t realize how much I loved the jacket until I was forced to wear my old and heavy jacket. Several weeks passed and there was no word until late last week when I was informed that Mountain HardWear had decided to give me a $250 in-store credit rather than repair it. I would have preferred my old jacket back, especially as MHW no longer makes Paclite jackets. Fortunately I was able to replace it with an excellent jacket by Outdoor Research. This Gortex Paclite jacket weighs slightly less than the Typhoon and includes an inside pocket and pit zip zippers that also zip up from the waist so that the jacket can be used poncho style. I haven’t had a chance to try the jacket out in heavy rain but from the forecasts in the London area it sounds like I won’t have long to wait.


4 thoughts on “London bound

    • Hi Brian,
      Thanks very much … Well, I have a beautiful morning to start my walk so I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. Cheers, Steve.

  1. Sounds like your getting into London just in time for the marathon (Sunday) – could do it as a little warm up. Look forward to your blogs.


    • It appears I’ll be starting my walk with 37,000 runners … If I’m not careful someone will hand me a numbered bib! Thanks Russ, Steve.

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