Sod it! 2014 it is.

It's been one of those weeks

It’s been one of those weeks

It’s been three years, almost to the day, that I set off on my End to End walk. I can honestly say I never felt healthier, both in body and mind, than I did in April through June of 2010. I missed my nomadic lifestyle almost immediately and by late July I was back in Canada and back on the treadmill, paying down the mortgage and piling on the stress.

My plan, as recently as several days ago, was to keep my nose to the grindstone until 2015 and then take a 6-month leave of absence. But I had one of those weeks … I’m sure you’ve had them too … where something had to give. It’s at times like these that one is forced to make decisions and I’ve decided that my health and well-being outweighs everything else. Assuming my leave is approved I will, about a year from now, be making my final preparations for another very long walk in Britain. It will be about the best 50th birthday present I could give myself.

In the meantime I will enjoy the planning, training and anticipation of another adventure. I’m also looking forward to following the blogs of those setting off in 2013 and will be updating my links page within the next couple of days.



8 thoughts on “Sod it! 2014 it is.

  1. Steve, Great to hear the good news, looking forward to the book already. Like you that’s my 50th year however its also my 25th wedding anniversary, so to make sure I have a few more no massive walks in 2014, (Just 2x 1 week LDP’s!!). 2015 is my year when I’m stretching out with a crossing of the Alps (420miles from Geneva to Nice), unlike you I’ve nver walk outside my own country, so learning French will be an experince before I go. Any advise would be welcome. By the way you might want to see this. (Thames Path),

    By the way it still hasn’t stopped raining here and were in the middle of a snow storm at the moment, bit different from 2010.



    • Hi Russ,

      Your Thames Path video is excellent and it reminds me that I have unfinished business to attend to in 2014! I’m looking forward to watching your Pennine “Wade” video later today.

      Your plan for 2014 is a sensible one … it’s a minefield out there 🙂 Chances are my girlfriend will fly out to join me at the end of my walk, like she did in 2010.

      Walking in the Alps will be wonderful. I managed a few hours on a “wanderweg” decades ago but otherwise I was on the train. I should know more French than I do but I am reasonably good at reading signs, one of the benefits of growing up in a country with bilingual package labelling. I try to master the basics so that I can greet people and politely ask for stuff but in my experience the French will often reply in English if they’ve had enough of you butchering their language. This has happened to me on several occasions but at least I made the effort.


      PS. it’s still raining / snowing?!? It’s been dull here for months but today is bright and sunny and so I’m off for a short hike. I hope Britain dries out soon!

  2. Good to hear, Steve! “Some times you just gotta say, ‘What the (sod)!'” (Risky Business, 1983). I look forward to reading your blog and seeing which paths you take.

    Believe it or not, last year I decided to do another LEJOG in 2016, following John Butler’s path (somewhat). First, I’ve got to do the PCT in 2014 & 15. I’ll be 62 then and figured that would be my last long distance walk. But after reading your Thames Path blog and seeing Russ’s video, maybe not.

    In any case, it’s the Camino in 25 more days and then back to England for the Coast to Coast Walk.


    • Hi Jack,

      The Pacific Crest Trail is one long walk! I can understand why you are taking two years to complete it. I admit I’m tempted to do another LEJOG/JOGLE but that will have to wait until I can semi-retire which won’t be until 2019 … but then again I’ve already changed my mind once this week 🙂

      I’ve updated my links page and look forward to the start of your Camino de Santiago walk!


  3. Excellent news Steve, sometimes you really do have to say sod it!!!
    What time of year are you heading out? if you know yet of course lol!
    wonder if we’ll cross paths again?
    looking forward to your blog naturally 😉

    Andy n Alfie

    • Hi Andy n Alfie,

      At this point I’m planning to head to Britain in mid-April 2013 and starting my walk somewhere in the south, likely on the coast. I would probably be finishing up in mid-August and then touring Scotland with my girlfriend. If you’re starting your JOGLE in late summer we just might cross paths somewhere in Scotland.


  4. (quote) It’s been three years, almost to the day, that I set off on my End to End walk. I can honestly say I never felt healthier, both in body and mind, than I did in April through June of 2010. I missed my nomadic lifestyle almost immediately (unquote).

    Hi Steve,
    That is just so true, something i have discussed with Andy green before and he agrees.
    So 2014 is looking like quite a year, England may dry out by then. Best of luck and we look forward to knowing where will the journey be.

    Cheers J.P.

    • Hi John,

      Fingers crossed 2014 will see a return to 2010 weather … although I’m sure most of you would like to see it dry out much sooner than that.

      I’m at that point in the route planning stage where anything is possible and so I will take my time and enjoy it. The Wales Coast Path is a definite although that’s not to say I might not deviate off it should I need a break from the coastline. I remember looking forward to a change of scenery after two weeks on the SWCP … and of course the WCP will likely take the better part of two months.

      I’m going to do my best to avoid retracing my footsteps and so I’m reading up on trails that I’ve never tackled before.


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