Happy New Year!

It’s the final day of 2013 and my posts have been few and far between this year but I did want to wish all of you a very Happy 2014. Janice and I had a wonderful trip to Ireland in September and I’ve posted a nice selection of photos on Flickr. I didn’t get any long rambles in but we did put over 2300km on our little Nissan Micra. Everyone will be relieved to know that I managed a “Pint of the Day” each and every day (and almost always Guinness).

On a less happy note my 2014 walk has been indefinitely postponed. I’m going through a restructuring at work and taking a 5-month Leave of Absence is not in my best interests. I’ve decided to stay at home and pay off the mortgage. Hopefully many of you are planning long walks in 2014 and if you’re blogging please let me know so I can follow along.

Although I’m disappointed not to be rambling I am looking forward to 2014. Some of you may know that I research and commemorate soldiers of the First World War and so the centenary will be both exciting and poignant. I celebrate my half-centenary very soon and I’m using this milestone as a catalyst for change. I’m keenly on the lookout for new opportunities and hope to make better use of my skills and passions. If anyone knows of some work for a rambling, blogging, real ale & Great War enthusiast please let me know. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Only 2 and a half hours left for us here in the UK before the New Year …. a little longer for you. May we wish you the very best for 2014 and hope to see you again the following year. Also hope you enjoy your 50th and that work (a four letter word for us retirees) is sorted to your satisfaction. Bill & Jennie

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