Gearing up for 2016

A walk near Dunquin on the Dingle Peninsula in September 2013

A walk near Dunquin on the Dingle Peninsula in September 2013

LEJOG season has arrived! This time last March I hoped I would count myself among those setting off in 2015 on a very long walk but alas it’s not to be. However I will be taking a sabbatical in 2016 and am already looking forward to setting off on another adventure. In the meantime I will satisfy my wanderlust by following others as they set off on their own long walks.

It’s at this point that I usually list a handful of blogs that we can all enjoy following. The problem is they are rather thin on the ground this year. I can’t find any despite having spent quite some time searching the net for walkers with LEJOG or JOGLE blogs. My links page includes two blogging walkers who may complete their journeys in 2015 but if you know of any End-to-End blogs, or other long-distance walks that may be of interest, please contact me or leave a comment. Thank you in advance.

11 thoughts on “Gearing up for 2016

    • Hello Brian,

      It’s great to hear from you. Thanks very much for the LEJOG link! I’ve bookmarked it and will add it to my links page now.


  1. Hey Steve.

    I just got told about another ongoing walk this year – and another repeat performance! Richard Fosh is walking right now at – a good ten years after he last did it.

    Meanwhile Big Dave has postponed to 2016 and Andy and Alfie seem to have run into (hopefully temporary) trouble. Let’s hope they both get better, eh.


  2. Hi Steve
    Just to let you know that I did Lejog this year between Good Friday 3 April and 4th July. My blog is if you’re interested. Not too serious! I’m going to include stuff about kit, campsites, B&b and other experiences that people might find useful.
    Best of luck next year!

    • Hi Liz,

      Thanks very much. Congrats on completing your LEJOG … I was in fact following along but I look forward to your upcoming posts on kit, campsites, B&B’s etc.. I do need to update my link to include your completion date and will do so this weekend. Thanks again!


      • You’re welcome. I’m a bit occupied with family visits and holidays till mid September but will concentrate on the blog updates then!

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