Pondering No More!

This church is definitely one place I will be visiting again

This is one must-visit destination on my upcoming trip

After years of false-starts I’m pleased to report that I will be returning to Britain in just over one month from now. Having previously planned and then abandoned visits in 2014 and 2015 I too would be sceptical was it not for the credit card bills confirming that I really am going this time.

A lot has happened since last July. The biggest news is that I quit my well-paid and secure job at the beginning of April in order to join the ranks of the self-employed. I did so for several reasons not the least of which was the toll it was taking on my health, but more than anything I felt that now was the time to devote my time and energy to creating meaningful work. I have little interest in retiring and so I see no reason to postpone developing something that will keep me engaged, put food on the table and hopefully be of benefit to others.

I’m pretty passionate about helping others research their family trees and especially their military ancestors. As such I’m devoting a lot of time to my Military and Family History blog while keeping my eyes open for other opportunities, especially those related to travel, tourism, writing and walking. I’ve worked in these areas before and so I’m looking forward to seeing what possibilities exist for me this time around.

Major transitions in life need to be marked in some way and so before I settle into a new routine I’m off to Europe for a month of R&R (Research and Relaxation). A lengthy LEJOG-like walk isn’t in the cards but being self-employed will provide me with both freedom and adventure and so I’m content with a shorter ramble.

At this point it looks like I will be tackling Offa’s Dyke with the possibility of an additional short diversion (or two). I will also spend a few days wandering amongst the battlefields, cemeteries and memorials of the old Ypres salient. Research visits to Chester and Huddersfield are in the works and of course there will be real ale.

I’ll provide more details in the days and weeks to come including an explanation of why I posted the photograph above. In the meantime I have weekly 15-mile walks planned in order to get my legs and back into shape!

4 thoughts on “Pondering No More!

  1. Steve — It’s good to see that you’ve again got your priorities in order — there is nothing more important than a good walk in the countryside, especially if followed by a bit of relaxing in a pub. I’ll be doing just that a little farther north and a few months after you, but between now and then, I’m looking forward to following your reports. Who knows, we may actually meet in person some day — like when I met Jack Frost on the Thames Path in 2014. Best of luck on your journey!!

    • Hi Ken,

      I couldn’t agree more. It seems so long since I’ve enjoyed a good pint at the end of a long walk. I’d be interested to hear more about your upcoming trip … is northern England or Scotland in the works?

      I’ve enjoyed following Dave & Dot on their current LEJOG but have been amiss in not keeping up with some of the other walking blogs that I normally stay on top of (nor have I updated my list of links yet this year). I’ll try to address both in the next few days.

      It would be great to meet up sometime. I think a “Dr. Livingstone I presume?” moment would be most appropriate!


  2. Be good to follow your trail along the “old Dyke” did it back in 2006, its a great walk with plenty of variation and interest. Lets hope the rain keeps off.


    • Hi Russ … I chose high ground this time, after my 2012 Thames Portage experience. 🙂 I’m looking forward to it regardless but will be keeping my fingers crossed for decent weather.


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