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  1. hello,

    my wife and I walked the lejog as well, almost at the same time you did. your blog was very helpfull since we were a few days behind you, so many thanks for that.
    after a month we are still a bit stiff in the ankles but we loved every step we have made.

    there are however a few things we would like to recommend to other walkers specially from dornoch on.

    when you eventually reach the A9 from dornoch, the only thing you have to do is cross the mound and then after a few 100 meters there is a dirt road to the right (with a bar) that will lead you into the forest, (first it takes you back, parallel to the A 9). follow this road as far as you can (almost to the open field on the right of the forest), and then make your way to the railway and cross this. try to cross it more or less where the coastline bends sharp south again.
    Then pick up the footpath in balblair wood and walk to golspie.

    from golspie there is a fantastic coastal walk all the way to brora.

    from brora you can follow the beach almost all the way to helmsdale; walk to the golf course in brora and then walk direct to the beach and follow the coast line. you will have to cross a few streams so you will get wet feet but it is a fantasctic walk. sometimes you have to jump from rock to rock but it is not dangerous. we were lucky the tide was low. so we are not really sure if it is a pleasant walk with high tide because then you might have to walk on loose sand and scramble more over those rocks.
    but to be honest anything is better then the A9.

    just before helmsdale we had to leave the shoreline and walk on asfalt but even there you can bypass the A9 and walk on a parallel road to helmsdale.

    hopefully this contributes to your blog

    kind regards,


    • Hi Rob,
      Thanks for posting your comment and route suggestion. It’s good to know that there is in fact a walkable coastal path running parallel to the A9 … I suspect some future LEJOGers will follow your advice and look up the tide tables in advance. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 2 months since I finished my walk! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed your experience as much as I did. Thanks again. Cheers, Steve.

  2. Hello there,

    I found your blog doing some research for myself and my friend’s LeJoG adventures in July.
    We are cycling but I’m looking for inspiration from all End to End-ers.
    I’d have loved to do LeJoG as a walk but can’t get enough time off work so cycling is the next best thing.
    I have a blog here and would love if you’d follow :



    • Hi Laura,

      Thanks for dropping by and passing along your link. I certainly look forward to following your adventure in July. I’ve not followed a cycling LEJOG blog before and so yours will be a first! I met quite a few cyclists during my walk and especially in John O’Groats where they seemed to materialize out of nowhere every 15 or 20 minutes. Enjoy preparing for your big adventure!


      • I enjoy the anticipation of a new adventure as much as the adventure itself so I know feeling as departure day grows nearer. I look forward to following along! Cheers, Steve.

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