Update 09/12/09 – added a pack cover to my list.

I’ve been packing light for many years but I will be re-doubling my efforts to keep my pack weight under 10 kilos (excluding water and snacks). I have quite a few pieces of kit which have served me well but are in need of replacement and so I’ll paying even closer attention to weight this time around.

I’ve made my first cut at a packing list. Many of the weights given below are educated guesses so I will fine tune the list as time goes on. At this point I’m not planning to camp but this could change.

I’ll post other gear-related topics on my blog under the “gear” category. If you have any opinions or recommendations please post a comment. Thanks in advance.


    Shirt (MEC Freeride Short-Sleeved T – 200g)
    Shirt (MEC Beech Short-Sleeved – 190g)
    Hiking pants with zip-off legs (Sportif – 500g)
    Hiking pants with zip-off legs (Columbia Titanium – 320g)
    Socks (WrightSock Coolmesh – 40g)
    Socks (Ultamax – 70g)
    Underwear (2 pairs – 60g each)
    Fleece w/zipper (MEC Amenity – 420g)
    Jacket, gore-tex (Mountain Hard Wear Typhoon – 439g)
    Rainpants (Marmot – 230g, may replace with gore-tex)
    Shoes, Hiking (Ecco Track II – 975g)
    Gaiters (looking at replacement – 150-230g depending on type)
    Belt (fabric – 70g)
    Hat, Bush (MEC Oasis – 80g)


    Backpack (Osprey Exos 46 – 1100g)
    Pack cover (Sea to Summit sn240 – 85g)
    Sunglasses w/case (120g)
    Eyeglasses w/case (120g)
    Flashlight (Maglite Solotaire w/1 AAA battery – 50g)
    Wallet (120g)
    Sewing kit (140g)
    Water Bladder – 3L Platypus (135g)
    Plastic bags / stuff sacs (100g)
    Towel, small packtowel (130g)
    Brush, tiny (for cleaning shoes – 30g)
    Universal Sink Stopper (20g)
    Whistle (20g)
    First Aid kit (200g)
    Emergency thermal bag (115g)


    Razor w/charger (or grow beard! 290g)
    Toothbrush & toothpaste (150g)
    Deodorant (100g)
    Shampoo (90g)
    Comb (10g)
    Sunscreen, 35 SPF (90g)
    Detergent, small bottle of Camp Suds (70g)


    GPS (Garmin eTrex Legend HCx – 150g)
    Camera w/charger (will purchase a compact digital in 2010, ~250g)
    Mobile phone w/charger (will purchase in the UK, ~190g)
    Netbook w/charger (may purchase inexpensive 8.9″ version, ~1200g)
    Adaptor plug (40g)


    Maps (OS Explorer x 5 500g – will ship others ahead)
    Map case and compass (100g)
    Guidebook extracts (~500g)
    Misc (Passport, YHA card, etc. – ~100g)

4 thoughts on “Gear

    • It’s not the fancy piece of kit you might imagine … just a run-of-the-mill kitchen scale that has served me well over the years. I ran a mail-order business for many years with that scale … perhaps I should take it with me in case I want to make adjustments along the way? Maybe not.

  1. One of the things that makes me the most uncomfortable is sunburnt lips!. If you haven’t thought about it already, you might consider some sunscreen chapstick.

    • Hi Catherine,
      Good tip … I did in fact bring some chapstick although there is no danger of sunburned lips in London today. This evening’s task has been to find free wireless in London … it took me about half an hour of walking around to find it (McDonalds). I have since discovered the huge pub chain “JD Weatherspoon” offers free wifi so I’ll likely post my next blog update from one of their 750 pubs tomorrow.

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