The table below shows my proposed route from Land’s End to John O’Groats. It’s just shy of 1100 miles and will take 72 days to complete, not including the 15 days I’ve set aside for rest and family history research. I will continue to fine tune it both before and during the walk.

The Distance and Time estimates were derived from Where’s the Path, a fantastic website that allows you to plot your route on Ordnance Survey maps and save them in gpx and kml formats. While I took a certain amount of care in plotting my routes they are by no means 100% accurate and so I’m only using the estimates as a guide.

The time calculation is based on Naismith’s Rule. I’m not sure how accurate it is but I found it very useful to determine relative walking times, for example, the 14.4 miles from Boscastle to Bude is estimated to take 6h 20m while the 14.4 miles from Albrighton to Penkridge is estimated at 4h 58m.

Updated Feb. 15/10 – walking times updated based on new values from Where’s the Path (they seem more realistic now but of course the real test will be two months from now).

Day Destination # of miles Time Route
1 Pendeen 8.3 3h 21m South West Coast Path
2 St. Ives 11.9 5h 09m South West Coast Path
3 Portreath 16.9 6h 41m South West Coast Path
4 Perranporth 10.5 4h 29m South West Coast Path
5 Newquay 11.3 4h 25m South West Coast Path
6 Padstow 15 5h 51m South West Coast Path
7 Port Issac 12 4h 33m South West Coast Path
8 Boscastle 11.1 5h 05m South West Coast Path
9 Bude 14.4 6h 20m South West Coast Path
10 Hartland Quay 13 5h 49m South West Coast Path
11 Clovelly 9 4h 14m South West Coast Path
12 Barnstable 21.7 8h 14m SWCP or inland route
13 Simonsbath 20.8 8h 27m footpaths to Exmoor
14 Roadwater 19.2 7h 24m footpaths through Exmoor
15 Bridgwater 21 8h 11m footpaths through Quantocks
16 Cheddar 19.7 6h 42m minor roads / footpaths
17 Compton Dando 16.5 6h 16m minor roads / footpaths
18 Chipping Sodbury 14.1 4h 57m Monarch’s Way
19 Dursley 16.8 6h 33m Cotswold Way
20 Gloucester 16.6 6h 47m Cotswold Way
21 Tewkesbury 16.1 5h 34m Severn Way
22 Worcester 16.8 5h 39m Severn Way
23 Bewdley 16.1 5h 33m Severn Way
24 Bridgnorth 13.9 4h 51m Severn Way
25 Albrighton 12.4 4h 25m Severn Way / Monarch’s Way
26 Penkridge 14.4 4h 58m Staffordshire Way
27 Abbots Bromley 15.1 5h 24m Staffordshire Way
28 Thorpe 20.6 7h 35m Staff’shire W / Limestone Way
29 Chelmorton 16.3 6h 20m Dovedale / Pennine Bridleway
30 Hayfield 15.6 5h 59m Pennine Bridleway
31 Glossop 7.2 2h 54m Pennine Bridleway
32 Diggle 12.2 4h 42m Pennine Bridleway
33 Hebden Bridge 16.7 6h 29m Pennine Way
34 Cowling 14.3 5h 58m Pennine Way
35 Malham 16.7 6h 33m Pennine Way
36 Horton-in-Ribblesdale 13.8 5h 50m Pennine Way
37 Hawes 13.8 5h 16m Pennine Way
38 Keld 12.1 5h 09m Pennine Way
39 Baldersdale 14.4 5h 28m Pennine Way
40 Langdon Beck 14.4 5h 32m Pennine Way
41 Dufton 12.4 4h 42m Pennine Way
42 Alston 19 7h 51m Pennine Way
43 Haltwhistle 15.1 5h 27m Pennine Way / Bridleway
44 Bellingham 18.3 7h 05m Pennine Way
45 Bryness 14.6 5h 44m Pennine Way
46 Jedburgh 19.3 7h 33m Pennine Way / minor roads
47 Melrose 18.3 6h 54m St. Cuthbert’s Way
48 Traquair 17 7h 07m Southern Upland Way
49 Peebles 7.2 2h 35m minor roads / footpaths
50 West Linton 12.3 5h 05m minor roads / footpaths
51 Broxburn 18.5 6h 48m minor roads / footpaths
52 Falkirk 17.3 6h 01m Union Canal
53 Lennoxtown 19.3 6h 35m Forth and Clyde Canal
54 Drymen 13.9 4h 49m footpaths / West Highland Way
55 Rowardennan 14.4 5h 44m West Highland Way
56 Inverarnan 13.5 5h 12m West Highland Way
57 Tyndrum 11.2 4h 31m West Highland Way
58 Kingshouse 18.7 7h 08m West Highland Way
59 Kinlochleven 8.4 3h 26m West Highland Way
60 Fort William 15.5 6h 08m West Highland Way
61 Laggan 19.9 7h 10m Great Glen Way
62 Invermoriston 16.3 6h 01m Great Glen Way
63 Drumnadrochit 13.3 5h 30m Great Glen Way
64 Inverness 17.5 6h 38m Great Glen Way
65 Conon Bridge 14.1 5h 02m minor roads / footpaths
66 Alness 12.1 4h 16m minor roads / footpaths
67 Dornoch 20.7 7h 07m minor roads
68 Brora 17.5 6h 05m A9 / footpaths
69 Helmsdale 11.4 4h 08m A9 / footpaths
70 Dunbeath 15.2 5h 50m A9
71 Watten 21.2 7h 23m A9 / minor roads
72 John O’Groats 17.7 6h 07m minor roads

12 thoughts on “Route

  1. I am also planning LEJOG next year, probably starting in early April but it will depend upon the weather. If we are still in the middle of winter then I’ll delay by a couple of weeks.

    I have walked all the SWCP and certainly parts of the Northern coast are “testing”. I intend to go to Penzance before heading North East to Harlyn before following the SWCP around St Cadoc’s Point to Trevone. There are small diversions that you will probably be doing to get round rivers etc.

    The main difference will be that I intend to walk up Offa’s Dyke to Bronygarth then turn off to get to Grindley Brook, Crewe, Macclesfield and then to Crowden to pick up the Pennine Way. The rest I think will be identical to you after Hebden Bridge.

    My one question is why you are going up the Severn Way – not sure why I am taking the Offa’s Dyke route apart from it is a path that I have thinking of walking although the number of stiles has been putting me off!


    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your comments. I considered Offa’s Dyke but the route through the Cotswolds or along the Severn Way brought me closer to several towns related to my family history research. Originally I planned to follow the Cotswold Way but a combination of comments from other walkers and the fact that I’ve walked the northern Cotswolds on several occasions led me to consider the Severn Way. Where I pick it up is still under consideration. I’ve pretty much ruled out following it from Bristol and my idea of picking it up west of Thornbury is also looking less likely. I might end up following the CW to Gloucester and then pick up the SW there. I may walk it all the way to Shrewsbury and then head north to a point where I can pick up a route east to the Pennine Way (after a brief visit to Chester … but not necessarily on foot).

      Good luck with your planning. I’m getting close to booking a flight so I’m hoping the middle of winter and early April don’t coincide! That said I do remember watching a cricket match at Chester-le-Street in early April when it was abandoned due to heavy snow.


  2. Hi Steve,
    Will also be starting my lejog in early april!
    routes all planned and rucksac is going through various stages of packed as i play with different loads!
    if you are planning on bringing a GPS you can design and download gpx files at this site:-
    very usefull for measuring your final distances too!

    Look forward to meeting you perhaps!

    Andy Green
    (i’ll be the bald fella with a small dog named Alfie, who i hope will complete the route with me!)

    • Hi Andy,
      Thanks for your comments and the link! This is the first I’ve heard of but I have been using another great site called Where’s the Path and I highly recommend you check it out if you haven’t already. I too have completed my route so now I’m focusing on accommodation lists.

      I hope we meet up somewhere along the way … I’ll be the curly-haired hiker with an accent and an orange Osprey backpack (I admit a dog would be easier to spot).

  3. Hi Steve
    not sure if youve resolved your mapping yet?
    think it was a postal problem if i remember correctly!
    but if you still have troubles i can print you out an a4 copy of your route from software i have!.
    this may be a little late getting to you but i hope it can help!
    my complete mapping for the walk is about 200 grams where i reduce 1-50,000 maps to 15 x 10 km a4 map pages to cover a corridor around my route, although the maps dont show field boundaries they have proved to be adequate on my kit test walks that i have been doing.
    If this helps let me know and i can start to get the printer humming!

    Andy Green

  4. Hi Andy,
    Thanks very much for the offer … it’s much appreciated. I’ve decided to try and condense my maps, much as you have done. The WTP app I’ve been using also allows me to print out 1-25000 maps and so I’m thinking of doing this for some of the major routes, i.e. South West Coast Path, Great Glen Way, etc. as it’s unlikely I will deviate from the main trail.

    I may also cut up a few of the maps and then tape them back together again when I get home. I’m one of those people who find it very difficult to cut up books and maps but in this case I think the end justify the means. Not to mention that I spent GBP300 purchasing the maps so I want to make use of them. I’ve heard of other walkers removing the laminated cardboard covers so I might try that first.

    Thanks again for your offer … if for some reason my plans don’t work out I might take you up on it!


  5. I’ll look forward to reading your blog as you go. I did LEJOG in 2009 and loved every minute, blogging every day. It’s a great discipline and a permanent record to look back on.

  6. Steve-I came upon your website last weekend through a link from Mark Moxon’s site. You’ve put together a superb site!

    I’ve made most of my JOGLE preparations and am starting to follow what other people are doing. It would appear that I’m working backwards in two ways: first I’m starting at JOG on July 3 and everybody else seems to be going the other direction; second, with one minor deviation my route follows yours all the way between JOG and Abbots Bromley (south and east of Abbots Bromley I follow Andy Robinson’s route to Knighton where I pick up Offa’s Dyke, and then continue to Cheddar and the SWCP). I should have just stolen your work and saved the effort. But, as you know, planning is half the fun. Or maybe more than half.

    I’ve been struggling lately on the connections between Glossop and Thorpe. I’m tentatively planning stops in Chapel in le Frith and Youlgreave before connecting to Thorpe. But your route through Chelmorton and avoiding Youlgreave seems more direct. Have you researched B&B availability in Chelmorton?

    It looks like you’ll be finishing up about 2 weeks before I start. I’ll be following your progress with great interest.

    All the best —


    • Hi Ken – thanks very much for your kind comments. I’ve been reading your posts on Mark’s site and your excellent blog as well (which I have linked to).

      This section of the walk took me the longest to figure out and I tried several variations. In the end I decided to work my way north through Glossop as it is convenient for some family history research I want to do in Ashton-under-Lyne. My plan is to break the journey between Thorpe and Hayfield somewhere around Chelmorton but as you’ve likely already discovered there is no accommodation there, or at least none that is advertised online. There are one or two options in the Taddington / Priestcliffe area although I will have to have another look before I go.

      By the way, I know of at least two others doing the JOGLE although both are starting in late May. If blogs are any indication it would seem that last year at least JOGLE was as popular as LEJOG. Hopefully you will glean some useful info from my blog as I make my way north … I certainly followed last year’s blogs with great interest. Thanks again Ken and good luck with your planning and as you say that’s half the fun … but after 12 months of planning I’m definitely ready to enjoy the second half!

  7. Hey Steve
    really excited to find your site via Mark Moxon’s.
    i am reading all your entries avidly as i am now planning my own route JOGLON (does that exist? as i only want to reach London?!!!)
    as i have only trekked in Nepal previousy, i am wondering how safe you experts think this would be for a lady travelling alone?
    i am quite hardy/streetwise but wondered if i was being naive on the safety side of things – otherwise does anyone know of any sites where i may find like minded travelling companions for stretches of the journey? i dont plan to camp but would like to crack on each day rather than amble and wander…..
    I am looking to walk / jog this spring / summer so cannot wait to keenly follow your own experiences & love this idea of Blogging enroute as i too am an avid carrier of my Netbook!!!

    • Hi Caroline,
      Thanks for your comments and I hope you have fun planning your JOGLON (if it didn’t exist before it does now). Have you checked out Sophie Easterbrook’s blog, entitled “The Longest Dog Walk In Britain” (you’ll find a link on my links page)? She did a solo JOGLE last summer with her dog Patch and you should be able to contact her through her site. I think Mark’s guestbook is the best place to find potential travelling companions. I hope you enjoy following my blog and if you create one yourself please let me know and I’ll add it to my links page. Cheers, Steve.

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